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Active Websites:

The Art Of Alan Rubin
The artwork of painter, renaissance man, bon vivant, raconteur and old friend, Alan Rubin. Go! See! Buy!
World'sOldest Living Boy
Writing site-- essays, rants, rambles, reminiscences.
Quit Buddies-- Your AS3 Pals
An adjunct site for the newsgroup
alt.support-stop-smoking-- AS3, for short.
Flashback Design
Site created to showcase my own,
hand-painted artwork.
E-commerce site for artist, decorator and miniaturist, showcasing her hand-made work.
Morgan Henry
Morgan Henry: Master guitar technician,
musician, and teacher.
Weiner Dog God.Com
For an eccentric Dachshund lover.
Community Leadership Network
Volunteer women's empowerment group
Let's Practice
Texas dog daycare/obedience training business. Went belly-up in March, 2008.
Cars By G.A.
Site for a used luxury car/automobile
detailing business. Out of business..
Jef's Pages
Personal, vanity site. Very little here is true, though you never know...
IT consulting, networking, security
and web services company.
Salvadoran expatriate community group; info about their home town, cultural and sporting events, and the efforts to rebuild their church.
Semper Fi-AIT
Site for an independent networking,
security and IT consultant.
Let's Eat!
Musings and opinions regarding food, dining, and the appreciation of same
Cats and Dogs
Northern Virginia Community College's HTML Workshop. Demonstrates frames, links, graphics placement, tables, rollovers, etc.

Completed/ Suspended/ Pending Sites:

Local Answer
Mockup for municipal resources/advertising site. Shelved when a partner moved away.
The Rosslyn Mountain Boys
Website for a band who stiffed me. Lesson: Always get 50% up front..
The Town Crier
This one, for a husband and wife acting couple. Awaiting bio. information.

Tek-Pros 2
Earlier, Flash version of Tek-Pros site, above.

Individual pages created for

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Web Design
Hand-painted art!
World's Oldest Living Boy Tells All!
Digital Tomfoolery!
Get in touch!