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MotoPhoto® stores offer customers the highest quality photo imaging products and services available and… many interactive imaging ideas and solutions. We know pictures and portraits are as much about the experience of sharing life’s memories as they are about the image itself.

Products & Services

Digital Image Processing.
The prints we make from your memory card will look and feel just like those made from film – provided your camera is set to the appropriate settings. Refer to the camera’s manual and our resolution chart if you need some guidance.

We can print your images from digital camera memory cards, CDs, or disks. One of the benefits that digital offers is that you can tell us exactly which images you want printed.

Photos On CD.
Whether you use a film camera or a digital camera, every photo can (and should) be stored on a CD.

· CDs are inexpensive, durable and have enough memory to permanently storehundreds of images, which makes it easy to organize and archive your entire photo collection

· Photo CDs contain digitized images that can be shared through email and the internet

· Photo CDs are a permanent “negative” – memory cards can be erased and hard drives often crash

· CDs can be used as an image archive; copies can be made for family and stored in a safety deposit box for added security

Photo Kiosk.
These machines contain a computer, scanner and photo printer and are found in many retail locations, including MotoPhoto® stores. Photo kiosks are to the photo industry what ATMs are to the banking industry. Here’s some of what you can do on a photo kiosk…

· Edit and improve images – zoom, crop, remove red eye, adjust color, add text or borders

· Make enlargements up to 8x10 or combine different print sizes on a page

· Print pictures in minutes from a photo, CD, disk, or memory card


· We are ready to create that one-of-a-kind portrait with the latest digital state-of-the-art technology.

· Our photographers are well trained and committed to creating the highest quality portraits of our customers’ special life moments.

· We present a portrait experience that is FUN!

· We involve our customers in immediate portrait previewing, selection, and custom enhancements.

· We do it all…

o Provide pre-portrait consultations

o Preview your portraits immediately after the session

o Enhance your favorite poses with soft vignettes, fun borders, sepia tone finishes, black & white and much more – just the way you want them

o Allow you to design your own package

o Provide you with finished portraits in about an hour



All-Occasion Photo Greeting Cards & Announcements. Your MotoPhoto® store can create customized photo cards that include text and coordinating borders. They are perfect for graduations, births, new homes, holiday greetings, thank yous and many other occasions.

Photo Business Cards. Make a lasting impression with business contacts. Show people who you are and what you do. Relationships strengthen when people can associate faces with names. Consider a photo of products or scenes that reflect your image as an alternative to a traditional business portrait.

Print From Print. Need a print and you can’t find the negative? No problem. Bring in your photo to have more made. In most cases, the new print can be made even better by cropping out distracting objects, by adding borders or text, and by removing red-eye.

Passport & Immigration Photos. If you’re planning a trip overseas or applying to become a U.S. citizen, you’ll need to have a special photo taken for the application. In just 10 minutes, your local MotoPhoto store can provide you with exactly what you need to get you on your way.

Film, Video & Photo Transfer To MOTODVDSM. Digital videos are growing in popularity for good reason: they have the potential to last forever, they don’t show wear after repeated viewings, and they are extremely easy to use and navigate. If you have reels of movie film or photos packed away in a box or camcorder videotapes piled on a shelf, you may want to consider having those important memories transferred to a DVD. Analog tape typically lasts for 10-15 years before becoming warped and brittle. Film projectors (if you still have one that works) are not convenient for spontaneous viewing and could cause damage if the bulb is too hot. In a few years, DVD players may replace VCRs, which will make it difficult to view videotapes. And it's a great way to make a digital scrapbook of your favorite photo memories! Learn more about MOTODVDSM

Reprints. Your best prints deserve an encore. Order as many prints as you want when you bring your film in for developing or bring back your negatives at any time.

Enlargements. Great prints can be made even better when they are cropped, enlarged, and framed. Our Imaging Consultants can help you select the photo and visualize the result. Your local MotoPhoto store offers most of these sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 8x12, 10x13, 10x15, 11x14, 16x20, and 20x24.

Poster Prints. Now you can take a standard photo to the next level. Posters are a great way to show off your kids playing sports, your favorite getaway, or your prized possession. They are available in many different sizes starting at 20x30, so stop by your local MotoPhoto store and see the possibilities.

35mm Film Processing. Great processing makes all the difference in how your photos ultimately turn out. At MotoPhoto, an Imaging Consultant examines each negative and adjusts color balance and density levels on the state-of-the-art printing equipment. Once the prints are made, each one is inspected and reprinted if necessary. We take the time to correct many exposure problems that occur when photos are taken, while many 1-hour labs simply auto-print your rolls.

APS Processing. At MotoPhoto stores, our machines are equipped to translate data recorded by Advanced Photo SystemTM (APS) cameras. This process, called "information exchange (IX),” allows us to make improvements in picture quality, identify the print format and print information on the back of your photos. The APS system allows you to get prints in three different sizes at any time: "C" print (4x6); "H" print (4x7); "P" print (4x11). When we process your APS film, you'll receive a 4x6 index print with a tiny image of each picture on the roll, which simplifies organizing and reordering.

Safe On-Site Processing. Since the film you bring to a MotoPhoto store can be processed right there, you don’t run the risk of having your photos lost in the mail or at a large mass production facility.

Print Choices. You can choose to have 3½x5 or 4x6 prints made on either glossy or matte paper. Glossy paper has a smooth, shiny surface that helps to create crisp, vibrant prints. Matte paper tends to show fewer fingerprints and doesn’t glare. Paper choice is often a personal preference; however, low contrast photos often look better on glossy paper.

Second Sets. Order an extra set or two to share with family and friends when you bring your film in for developing.