817 7th Street N.W.
Washington DC 20001
Monday - Thursday...11:30 am - 10 pm
Friday & Saturday.....11:30 am - 10:30 pm
Sunday Noon ............10 pm
Closed Between.........3 pm - 5 pm

Monday: Goat Curry
Tuesday: Malai Kofta
Wednesday: Lamb Masala
Thursday: Lamb Sheesh Kabab
Friday: Kabab Combo
Saturday: Chicken Tikka Masala
Sunday: Paneer Shasilk
All Sepcials are served with basmati Rice


1. Veggie Samosa
Two Deep Fried crispy turnovers stuffed with steamed potatoes and green peas

2. Vegetable Pakora
Assorted Fresh Vegetable Fritters

3. Seekh Kabab
Minced Lamb with Spices, baked in tandoor

4. Aloo Tikki
Two stuffed potato patties grilled and served with chutney

5. Chat-Papri
Cold appetizer made with semolina chips, steamed potatoes, chick peas, yogurt and chutney.

6. Chicken Tikka
Boneless marinated chicken baked in tandoor.

7. Chicken Pakora
Four Pieces of boneless chicken battered in spices and deep fried.

8. Meat Samosa
Two deep fried crispy turnovers stuffed with lean ground lamb and green peas.

9. Fish Pakora
Boneless Fish marinated in spices and lemon juice deep fried

10. Papadum
(2) Crisp lentil wafers


11. Mulligtwany (Lentil)

12. Tomato Soup


All dinners are served with Indian Basmati rice, except for the Briyanis

21. Chicken Sheesh Kabab
Chunks of chicken grilled on skewers with green peppers, tomatoes and onions.

22. Tikka Dinner
Boneless Chicken Cubes marinated and baked in tandoor

23. Murg Masala Chunks of chicken sauced with green peppers and onions.

24. Chicken Curry Boneless chicken in spicy curry

25. Butter Chicken Cubes of chicken barbecued and finished in butter sauce.

26. Chicken Biryani
Steamed chicken folded in Basmati Rice, Served with whipped yogurt on the side.

27. Saag Wala
Chicken Chicken cubes cooked with fresh spinach sauce.

28. Chicken Korma
Chicken cubes cooked in yogurt and tomatoes.

29. Tandoori Chicken
Half chicken baked in clay oven.

210. Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka in creamy Tomato Sauce.


All dinners are served with Indian Basmati rice, except for the Biryanis

31. Sheesh Kabab
Lambchunks marinated and baked in dry oven.

32. Lamb Masala
Tender pieces of lamb sautched with sliced onions and green peppers.

33. Lamb Vindaloo
Boneless lamb & potatoes cooked ina tangy sauce.

34. Lamb Roganjosh
Boneless lamb cooked in tomato and yogurt sauce.

35. Lamb Saagwala
Delicious cubes of lamb cooked in spinach sauce.

36. Lamb Biryani
Boneless lamb cooked with Basmati Rice. Served with wrapped yogurt on the side.

37. Lamb Curry
Lamb cubes in spicy curry


All dinners are served with Indian Basmati rice, except for the Briyanis

41. Shrimp Jalfrezi
Streamed shrimp sautced with green peppers, onions and tomatoes.

42. Fish Vindaloo
Fish and potatoes in a tangy shrimp sauce.

43. Shrimp Biryani
Steamed shrimp in Basmati Ricee topped with dry fruits.
Served with whipped yogurt on the side.

44. Fish Curry
Boneless fish cubes cooked in onion and tomato gravy .

45. Shrimp Tandoori
Baked shrimp served with rice and coriander sauce on the side.


All dinners are served with Indian Basmati rice, except for the Biryanis

51. Naurattan Korma
Chopped dry fruits, fresh fruits and mixed vegetables folded in a creamy sauce.

52. Dal Makhani
Whole black lentils with a touch of cream.

53. Shahi Paneer
Cubes of homemade cheese in creamy tomato sauce.

54. Malai Kofta
Cheese balls cooked in a creamy sauce with dry and fresh fruits.

55. Matar Paneer
Homemade cheese and green peas in tomato gravy.

56. Palak Paneer
Homemade cheese cubes cooked in spinach sauce

57. Masala Chana
Chick peas cooked with spices and lemon juice.

58. Aloo Gobhi
Cauliflower and potatoes tenderly cooked in Indian spices.

510. Eggplant (Bharatha)
Baked eggplant sautced with onions and spices.

511. Vegetable Biryani
Mixed vegetables, fresh and dried fruits folded with rice.


61. Aamb Kulfi: Mango Ice Cream.
62. Rasmala:i Sweet cheese patties in reduced milk.
63. Rice Pudding: Steamed rice in milk topped with pistachios.
64. Gulab Jamun: Milk Balls in honey syrup.


71. Basmati Rice
Steamed Indian Rice

72. Kachumber Raita
Salad cubes in whipped yogurt

73. Lime Pickle
Limes pickled with mustard and spices

74. Kachumber Salad
Salad cubes in lemon juice

75. Mango Chutney
Mango Relish


81. Poori
(Fried) Whole wheat (puffy)

82. Nan
(Baked) Fermented Flour-soft

83. Roti
(Baked) Whole wheat

84. Parantha
Whole wheat, baked w/buffer

85. Aloo Parantha
(Baked) Stuffed with potatoes, herbs & spices.

86. Pathura
(Deep Fried) Fermented Flour (puffy)

87. Onion Kulcha
(Baked) Stuffed with spicy chopped onions

88. Garlic Nan
Stuffed with fresh chopped garlic.

89 Peshawari Nan
Stuffed w/ coconut, almonds & raisins.

810. Assorted Breads
Poori, Nan & Onion Kulcha


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Ice Tea (16 OZ)
Mango Shake, Mango Juice, Mango Lassi (16 OZ)
Lassi (Sweet or Salty) (16 OZ)


Michelob / Lite (6 Pack)
Kingfisher (6 pack)
Tajmahal (22 oz.)