480 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

Metro accessible
two blocks north of the Archives/Navy Memorial exit on the green/yellow lines or one block south of Gallery place/MCI center exit on the red line.

Monday 11:30 am-10:00 pm
Tuesday-Thursday 11:30 am-11:30 pm
Friday and Saturday 11:30 am–12:00 am
Sunday 11:30 am–10:00 pm
Brunch is served on Sunday

Recommended for lunch and limited to dinner between 5:00 pm-6:30 pm for pre-theater patrons
Sorry! We don't accept reservations via e-mail.

Joanna Brady, General Manager
Terri Cutrino, Chef

Cold Tapas

Pan con tomate y jamón serrano
Spanish imported cured ham with
traditional tomato bread

Endibias con queso de cabra, naranja y almendras
Endives with goat cheese, oranges & almonds

Escalivada Catalana
Roasted peppers , onions, eggplant and tomatoes with olive oil and sherry vinegar

Flan de berenjenas ‘Reno’
Eggplant flan red pepper sauce

Queso de Tupí ‘abuelo túnica’
Aged imported cow’s milk cheese, fermented with Spanish liquor and served with dried fig purée

Bacalao 'Esqueixada'
Shredded salt codfish with tomato, black olive oil and frisée

Manzanas con Manchego
Apple and Manchego salad

Pan con tomate y queso Manchego
Tomato bread with ‘Manchego’ cheese

Boquerones en vinagreta
Marinated anchovies Spanish style


Hot Tapas

Croquetas de jamón y pollo
Traditional béchamel chicken and Spanish
ham fritters $5.75

Pato con peras
Duck confit with pear sauce

Butifarra casera con ‘montgetes’
Homemade grilled pork sausagewith white beans

Codorniz con allioli de miel y
salsa romero
Grilled quail with honey alioli and rosemary sauce

Pollo al ajillo con salsa verde
Grilled chicken with green sauce

Costillitas de cordero
Grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce

Lomo de buey con cebolla asaday salsa de Jerez
Grilled sirloin with roasted onion and sherry sauce

Chorizo casero tradicional
Skewer of traditional housemade chorizo on garlic mashed potatoes

Morcilla ‘Bar La Esquina’
Blood sausage with garlic sauce

Dátiles con tocino como hace todo el mundo
Traditional fritters of dates and bacon

Portobello a la parrilla
Grilled Portobello mushroom
with garlic & parsley

Trigueros con Romesco
Grilled asparagus with Catalan ‘Romesco’

Rape con puré de berenjenas
Monkfish with eggplant puréeand black olive oil

Espinacas a la Catalana
Spinach sautéed with pine nuts, raisins & apples

Tortilla de patatas al momento
Classical Spanish potato & onion omelet
made to order

Pimientos del piquillo
rellenos de queso y setas
Sweet peppers stuffed with goat cheese
and mushrooms

Arroz y setas con queso Murcia
Traditional rice with mushrooms and Murcia cheese

Patatas bravas
Fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce & alioli

Salmón con tomate confitado
Seared salmon with tomato confit

Calamares a la Romana
Fried squid with allioli

Rape con puré de berenjenas
Monkfish with eggplant purée and black olive oil

Vieiras con romesco
Scallops with ‘Romesco’ sauce

Gambas al ajillo
Garlic shrimp, a classic tapa

Pulpo a la Gallega ‘Maestro Alfonso’
Octopus with paprika & virgin olive oil

Mejillones al vapor
Mussels steamed in their own juice with
fresh bay leaves and olive oil

Jurel a la plancha con mojo picón
Spanish Mackerel with a traditional spicy
sauce from the ‘Canary Islands’

Pipirrana Andaluza con ‘Mojama’
Salad of peppers, cucumbers and
tomatoes with imported tuna

Mejillones en escabeche
Mussels marinated in vinegar
& paprika olive oil

Ensaladilla rusa
Classic Spanish potato and tuna salad

Aceitunas rellenas de anchoas
y pimientos del piquillo
Stuffed olives with anchovies and
roasted piquillo peppers

Quesos de España
Spanish cheeses - choice of one or all, $7.95
Murcia- a hard goat’s milk cheese aged one year in red wine
Picón- an earthy blue cheese made from Cow’s milk, aged three – four months
Idiazábal- a sharp, smoky sheep's milk cheese
Manchego- a mild sheep's milk cheese aged one year
Surtido de Quesos- selection of all four

Variedad de embutidos con pan al ajo
Spanish sausages-choice of one or all, $6.50
Chorizo-semi-spicy cured sausage
Soria- a pork variety from Old Castile region
Butifarra- white, mildly flavored pork sausage
Salchichón de Vic- Spanish summer sausage
Surtido de embutidos- selection of all four


Paellas available starting at 5:00 pm

Serves 2 to 4. Available until 30 minutes before closing

“Paella” is the most universal rice dish. Originating in the “Levante” region of Spain, it is one of the most imitated dishes in the world and one of the most difficult to produce. There are many different styles of Paella in Spain. At Jaleo we offer you “our” unique versions. Some say that there are as many Paella recipes as there are people. We use “Calasparra” rice, which some consider the best rice in Spain. Please allow 25 minutes cooking time. And do give the rice 5 minutes for settling, flavor blending, rice relaxing… Buen provecho!!!!

Paella Clásica
A classic seafood paella with mussels, cockles, shrimp, monkfish and Norwegian lobster

Paella Valenciana de verduras de temporada y setas silvestres
Paella ‘Valenciana’ of seasonal vegetables and wild mushrooms

Paella Valenciana de bogavante, calamar, pollo y múrgulas
Paella ‘Valenciana’ of lobster, squid, chicken and morels


Entrées available starting at 5:00 pm

Pollo a la parrilla con salsa verde y setas
Grilled chicken served with green sauce,
mushrooms and garlic sauce

Jurel con escalivada
Spanish Mackerel with roasted peppers,
eggplant and onions

Filete de buey a la parrilla con pimientos
del piquillo confitados
Grilled beef sirloin with ‘piquillo’ pepper confit

Parrillada de pescado y marisco
A selection of fish and shellfish with
romesco and alioli sauces


Lunch Menu served until 2:30pm


Jurel con escalivada
Spanish Mackerel with roasted peppers, eggplant and onions

Pollo a la parrilla con salsa verde y setas
Grilled boneless chicken leg with green sauce, mushrooms and garlic sauce

Filete de buey a la parrilla con
pimientos de piquillo confitados
Grilled beef sirloin with ‘piquillo’ pepper confit

Gambas al ajillo con gazpacho
Chef José Andrés’ favorite lunch: traditional garlic shrimp with a bowl of gazpacho on the side


Pipirrana con pollo
"Pipirrana’’ salad with chopped grilled chicken, green peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes with Sherry dressing

Ensalada “Aquí too er mundo cozina”
‘Escalivada’ roasted onions, eggplant and pepper salad with tuna, eggs and olives

Ensalada como hacen en Valencia
Salad of baby spinach, oranges, black olives and onions with a sherry dressing


Butifarra con setas y pan al huevo
Grilled pork sausage and mushrooms with egg on toasted brioche

Bocadillo de carne con cebolla y pimientos
Grilled sirloin sandwich with roasted onions and green peppers

Bocadillo de pollo “Visca el Barça”
Sandwich of fried chicken breast stuffed with Spanish ham & cheese
and served with red pepper mayo,
bacon, greens, and tomato

Bocata de jamón y queso Manchego
Traditional sandwich of Spanish ham and cheese with tomate fresco

Tostada de escalivada con espárragos y queso de cabra
Grilled open-faced sandwich with Roasted eggplant, red peppers, onions, grilled asparagus with goat cheese

Bocadillo Menorquino con queso Mahón y sobrasada
Grilled sandwich with Mahon cheese, sobrasada and romesco


Gazpacho al estilo de Algeciras
Classic gazpacho, with tomatoes & croutons

Sopa de pescado “¡Va por ti, Clemente!”
A traditional fishermen’s soup

Ajo blanco Malagueño con uvas y cangrejo
Traditional white gazpacho of Malaga
with grapes and lump crabmeat


Ensalada de bacalao 'Esqueixada'
Shredded salt codfish salad with tomato,

black olive oil and frisée

Ensalada de remolacha
Beet salad with 'Cabrales' cheese, oranges, walnuts and sherry vinaigrette

Ensalada verde con queso Idiazábal
Romaine salad with garlic-anchovy dressing & Idiazábal cheese


Salmón ahumado sobre huevos revueltos
Creamy eggs with smoked salmon
$ 6.25

Pisto Manchego con huevo al plato
Baked egg with Spanish ‘pisto’
$ 4.25

Butifarra Catalana con setas
Crumbled pork sausage with mushrooms and fresh thyme

Torrijas Castellanas
Traditional fried brioche with apple compote and strawberries
$ 4.50

Huevos como los hacen en Mieres
Poached egg with potatoes, chorizo and Cabrales sauce
$ 4.95

Huevos a la Cubana
Fried egg with white rice, fried ham and fried banana
with tomato sauce. A Spanish classic


Pastel Vasco con helado de leche merengada
Basque cake with semolina cream, cinnamon-vanilla sauce & ice milk

Flan al estilo de mama Marisa con espuma de crema Catalana
A classic Spanish custard dessert with ‘espuma’ of Catalan cream & oranges

Compota de manzana al pan perdido con Pedro Ximénez
Apple charlotte with Pedro Ximénez & vanilla ice cream

Arroz con leche “Tia Chita”
Espuma milk rice pudding with lemon marmalade

Espuma de chocolate blanco con fresas
White chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries, mint & pistachio

Espuma de avellanas y chocolate
Chocolate and hazelnut torte