In the underground comic book "ZAP #3" there was a strip by Robert Crumb entitled "Let's Eat!" It depicted a group of people around a table, engaged in, well... eating. For six panels they are passing food back and forth and saying "Nummy, nums!", "Slurp, chomp, smack!", "Mmm, this's good!", and "Some mighty good eatin'!" It concludes with them beaming at the reader, as one character declares "Let's eat again real soon!" and another responds "Crazy, Pops!" It's pretty crude art and even cruder English. However, for capturing the sheer joy of consumption, it is unsurpassed in its ability to crystallize that moment when all pretense is dropped and one surrenders to one's appetite.


This cartoon embraces my basic philosophy of dining-- my preference for decent table manners notwithstanding. Eating, and eating well--to paraphrase Woody Allen-- is about the most fun you can have, fully dressed. Dining can be anything from tedium to bliss, but sharing a good meal with friends can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

These pages are a reflection of my lifelong devotion to satisfying my appetite, some assorted encounters with good and bad meals through the years, and a platform for my unapologetically refined and snobbish tastes in food. I hope you'll find something to amuse you, to stimulate your imagination, or at the very least some food for thought.

They're also awaiting your contributions. The Dining Disasters and Dining Delights pages need your stories. Please contact me via the e-mail links on each page to have your tales of woe or wonder be considered for inclusion here. All due care will be taken with your submissions. Welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a fork and LET'S EAT!




It's the Number One Cure for hunger!

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Try some and you, too, will say: "Food is good!"

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