October, 2006

Any Tracy Nelson fans out there...? I've loved her music since I first heard her in '68. God; you could spread her voice on toast, I swear you could..! I wore out several vinyl LP's and a few cassette tapes (you kids will have to ask your parents about these...) of her music over the years.

I tried to order an autographed CD from her website's online store, as a birthday gift for my sister-- from whose room Tracy's voice blasted virtually nonstop from 1968 until the mid 70's when she (my sister, not Tracy...) left home.

There was a long delay. They were out of stock, and they promised to rush one as soon as they came back in. It never came in time for her birthday, and I wrote to the website again to ask for more info. I got the following replies. A very nice experience, all around. Made my day, it did!

>Item Name:  Mother Earth - Living With the Animals
>      Item Options:  Autograph?: Yes
>      Item Number:  LWTA-CD1
>      Quantity:  1
>      Total:  $15.00 USD

> Dear Sir or Madam:
> I placed my order on September 9th.
>Ten days later you told me it would be a week or two before these
>were back in stock. It's been nearly a month now, and I'm still waiting.
>I really wanted this as a birthday present for someone whose birthday has
>now passed. Some news about the reason for the delay would be a nice touch.
>The CD, itself,  would be an even nicer one. So...? Enlighten me, please.
>Jef. Hyde

Sorry, Jeffrey, I've been out of town for the past couple of weeks
and thought this had already been taken care of.  I just spoke with
the label and they promised we would have them by the first of the
week. Will ship immediately!!!

Processing and Shipping Mgr.


This was just forwarded to me. I am so sorry about the delay, esp. since it
was a thwarted birthday gesture. I will follow up on this and make sure it
does get sent out ASAP. I believe the shipment is on the way to us. Would
you like me to send a belated card or something with the order? If so, let
me know the name and I'll be happy to do so. I'll include a bonus record for
you as well. I'll let you know as soon as it's on the way, hopefully by
Tues. of next week.


Incidentally, I didn't identify myself in that last email. It's me, Tracy,
and I do have some pull with the organization...!

The package arrived, overnighted from her a couple of days hence, and included the autographed CD I'd ordered for my sister, a different, autographed CD for me, and a lovely, handwritten birthday card addressed to my sister by name and apologizing to her for the delay. What a wonderful gesture! Service, compassion, generosity, kindness and decency all from the same source. Gotta love it...!

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