Every Character Mentioned
In Every Bob Dylan Song
(as of 4/18/06)
I compiled this list after a casual conversation with an old pal about how
many people are mentioned in Dylan's songs. I labored mightily over it, and
gave it to him as a silly gift. He never responded. I saved it anyway. Here.

Ten thousand men on a hill
Ten thousand men dressed in oxford blue
Ten thousand men on the move
your mama
Ten thousand men digging for silver and gold
your lover
Ten thousand women all dressed in white,
Ten thousand men looking so lean and frail,
seven wives
Ten thousand women all sweepin' my room
their brothers and sisters
black cats
you in your wheelchair
My blue-eyed son
a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it
a room full of men with their hammers a-bleedin'
ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken,
one hundred drummers whose hands were a-blazin'
one person starving
many people laughin'
a poet who died in the gutter
a clown who cried in the alley
a young child beside a dead pony
a white man who walked a black dog
a young woman whose body was burning
a young girl, she gave me a rainbow
one man who was wounded in love
another man who was wounded with hatred
Ten thousand men…
the clown inside of me
My patron saint
a ghost
a fraudulent wizard
men who search
sweet Marie
six white horses
the river-boat captain
ev'rybody else, even yourself
The Persian drunkard
bad company
the band
some chump with no chance
everybody that's in the land
your next of kin
my baby
a man (he) serves the Lord
the devil
those whose intentions are good
others… worshipping the sun
many social hypocrites
the joker
the thief
all the women 
barefoot servants
a wildcat
Two riders
your kin
a dog
A millionaire
King Saud
four hundred wives
Little David
little lover
the monkey
a snake
the brethren
any painter
the crowd
a god with the body of a woman well endowed
a hyena
the judge
Your best friend
my worst enemy
Your servants
A tall man
her mother
God's angels
pieces of men marching
the unknown rider
the pale white horse
the angel with four faces
Old man sailin' in a dinghy boat
my Sadie
The forty-nine of you
bats out of hell
the brethren
the boss
Arthur McBride
Sergeant Napper
Corporal Vamp
a little wee drummer
the king
Tom Paine
the fairest damsel that ever did walk in chains
my milk cow
my pony
a bad man
a stranger
no better friend than he
His mother
his sister
a girl
her mother and sister
The constant scapegoat
her parasite sister
the king and the queen
my friends from the prison
Mister Jones
the geek
the lumberjacks
tax-deductible charity organizations
the professors
great lawyers
lepers and crooks
F. Scott Fitzgerald
the sword swallower
this one-eyed midget
a camel
Donald White
the hangman
a friend
people that I met
a doctor
A master in the arts
the inmates and the prisoners
a man
The jury
all you people who think the worst of me
all the boys
enemies or victims
Hollis Brown
his wife and five children
The rats
A cold coyote
seven people dead on a South Dakota farm
seven new people born
the fools
The blacks and the whites
The idiotic, the exotic
Witchcraft scum 
the dumb
rich drug dealers
Mr. Pussyman
pimps on the make, politicians on the take
my brothers from Vietnam
my uncles from World War II
the new government
Lawman on your trail
Bounty hunters
some sweet senorita
Pat Garrett
some new stranger
Some trigger-happy fool
some old whore from San Pedro
businessmen from Taos
the man who was your friend
Black crows
my long-lost lover
a Scarecrow
a voice from the gambling room
the Greek
the desk clerk
the Soviet Ambassador
A soldier 
a tiny man
a loser in the gambling room
the dealer
a stranger
old Cronkite on the seven o'clock news
Black Jack Davey
a lady
his horse
the boss
The servant
my coal black stud
my husband and baby
many martyrs
Blind Willie McTell
charcoal gypsy maidens
a woman by the river with some fine young handsome man
the undertaker
a good-lookin' girl
a chain gang on the highway
a man
too many people
a white dove
Captain Arab
the whale
tough sailors
this cop comes down the street, crazy as a loon
a Guernsey cow
the cook
the editor of a famous etiquette book
The waitress
the boys back in the tank
your pop
a cop
those friends of yours who keep bringin' me down
this girl from France
Captain Kidd
This Englishman
a hobo sailor
the Pope of Eruke
the deputy sheriff of the jail
the captain
the Lone Ranger and Tonto
you five and ten cent women with nothin' in your heads
a real gal I'm lovin'
the first few friends I had
a fella who couldn't even walk
another man, he wiggled and he wobbled
a bear
a long-legged man who couldn't hardly crawl
my own true love
your ma
what's left of me
my woman (she can really do the Georgia Crawl)
a man riding 'cross the desert
Gregory Peck
a hungry kid trying to make a name for himself
The townspeople
the marshal
the dying gunfighter
a doctor
Brownsville girl
Henry Porter
the living dead
somebody with a pompadour
A man with no alibi
people who suffer together
pretty people
my partner
my first love
Some fat momma
someone needing mercy
your friends
passing strangers
some other man
Call girls in the doorway all giving me the eye
guitar player
bloodhounds that kneel
his genocide fools and his friends
a fair and handsome girl
a sailor boy
the other sailors
this bold captain
Finest of the ladies
all you fair and tender girls
her brothers
a man who danced on the roof of the embassy
a child or a woman, I can't say which
men bathed in perfume
a mutual friend over by the door
Street band
armies on the march
the devil my ancestors calling from the land far beyond
the cat
the wolf
the gentle lady
the horse
Back alley Sally doing the American jump
the dogs going to war
the umpire
Mr. Finley
the Yankees
Reggie Jackson
Billy Martin
the good shepherd
Desperate men, desperate women
Merchants and thieves, hungry for power
a beloved maid whose ebony face is beyond communication
Jupiter and Apollo
A messenger with a black nightingale
Renegade priests and treacherous young witches
dog soldiers
the angels
the guards
false idols
cruel death with its pale ghost
the King and the Queen of Swords
the warriors whose strength is not to fight
the refugees on the unarmed road of flight
ev'ry underdog soldier in the night
the rebel, the rake
the luckless, the abandoned an' forsaked
the outcast
the gentle, the kind
the guardians and protectors of the mind
the unpawned painter
the disrobed faceless forms of no position
the deaf an' blind, tolling for the mute
the mistreated, mateless mother
the mistitled prostitute
the misdemeanor outlaw
the ones condemned to drift or else be kept from drifting
the searching ones
the lonesome-hearted lovers
each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail
the aching ones
the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones an' worse
every hung-up person in the whole wide universe
a clean-cut kid
a killer
the baseball team
the marching band
a Boy Scout
a pup
Peter O'Toole
a neighbor
The dogs
The Vice-President
things you can never kill
a bird that whistles
a bird that sings
old Saxophone Joe
the fiddler
my big white goose
Little Jack Horner
Covenant woman
intimate little girl
Mr. Goldsmith
A nasty, dirty, double-crossin', back-stabbin' phony
a fighting rooster
Don Pasquale
preachers in the pulpits
babies in the cribs
a horse
a good lawyer
the gentlemen
A cock
another soldier
Some mother's child
the dead that rise
the French girl
a drunken man
the falling gods of speed and steel
A million faces
The birdies
the locusts
the judges
The man standin' next to me, his head was exploding
dead man
one law abiding citizen
Delia, a gambling girl
Delia's dear ol' mother
Delia's daddy
them rounders
Men in Atlanta, tryin' to pass for white
The circus
the blind commissioner
the tight-rope walker
riot squad
Lady and I
Bette Davis
The fortune telling lady
Cain and Abel
the hunchback of Notre Dame
the Good Samaritan
an old maid
Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood
his friend, a jealous monk
Dr. Filth
All his sexless patients
his nurse
some local loser
The Phantom of the Opera
a priest
skinny girls
all the agents and the superhuman crew
everyone that knows more than they do
insurance men
The Titanic
Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot
calypso singers
lovely mermaids
Diamond Joe
a string of horses so old they could not stand
a rounder
my buddies
the fleas
Fat man
Thin man
Hollow man
Wise man
Young man
Poor man
the cops
Blind man
the vultures
angels and men
the maid
Drinkin' man
Prince Phillip
the sons of darkness and the sons of light
Sick man
the doctor
Martyrs and angels
a slave in orbit
those who worship loneliness
Lady Luck
a whole lot of people suffering
a whole lot of people dying tonight
a piece of meat
a scientist
the Pope
a doctor
these people who are walking towards you
Jackie P.
Clark Gable
that millionaire with the drumsticks in his pants
mudcake creatures
your rooster
a woman, a child I'm told
a little chicken down on his knees
the one I love
a horse and a donkey, too
a cow
my true love
my little bundle of joy
your best friend
Another best friend
my baby
that woman
Lord, Lord
the Statue of Liberty
the drifter
the judge
the crowd
the jury
the attendant and the nurse
a gentleman
a servant.
his father
a lumberjack
The jugglers, the hustlers, the gamblers
the fortune-telling kind
a different kind of face
the dancing girls
them kids
the girl who'd stayed for so long
a dyin' voice within me
the Master's hand
temptation's angry flame
a sparrow falling
every grain of sand
Broken idols
People sleeping
People bending broken rules
Hound dog howling, bull frog croaking
my darlin' true
somebody else
jacks and queens
Fifty-two gypsies
the guards
the deuce and the ace
the cross-eyed pirates
the neighbors
King Kong, little elves
The puppets
The fiends
Father of night, Father of day
my second cousin
The old men 'round here
the younger men
The bully
One of the boss' hangers-on
My old man
some feudal lord
my mother
the teacher
Romeo, Juliet
My grandfather
a duck trapper
My grandmother
the lion
a man
a woman who passes herself off as a male
Danny Boy
Preacher talking 'bout Christ
a brother named James
the stranger
Erroll Flynn
a retired businessman named Red
Miss Delilah
a Philistine
a man for you to meet tonight
the fool
A whore
some beautiful people
babies in the crib
Alice Bly
a thousand policemen
the jury
Miss Mousey
uncle Rat
a flyin' moth
a juney bug
a bumbley bee
a broken black flea
Mrs. Cow
a little black tick
a big black snake
the old gray cat
lily-white duck
this graveyard woman
my kid
my soulful mama
a junkyard angel
Bo Diddley
The curfew gull
The cowboy angel
The savage soldier
the shoeless hunter
hound dogs
Aladdin and his lamp
Utopian hermit monks
the Golden Calf
those condemned to act accordingly
the lonesome sparrow
The motorcycle black Madonna two-wheeled gypsy queen
her silver-studded phantom
The gray flannel dwarf
wicked birds of prey
the princess and the prince
friends and other strangers
men wholly, totally free
my lover
George Jackson
Prison guards
two ol' maids
All kinds-a children
One man
the other man
one who lives there
a true love of mine
little boy
your mama
Rose Marie
fat gut
some girl
fisherman's daughter
the trembling lion with the lotus flower tail
Sons becoming husbands to their mothers
old men turning young daughters into whores
the authority on high
a God-fearing woman
a boxer
the innocent
a guy I gotta see
your dog that's gone astray
an ambassador to England or France
the heavyweight champion of the world
a socialite
the devil
the Lord
a rock 'n' roll addict
women in a cage
a business man
some high degree thief,
a state trooper
a young Turk
somebody's landlord
a construction worker
a preacher
a city councilman
a barber
somebody's mistress
somebody's heir
people who are supposed to know better
one good friend
some folks
Gypsy Lou
a ramblin' woman
a guy who committed suicide
an all girl orchestra
a girl named Nancy
a pale, drooping maiden
frail forms fainting at the door
a-mighty many people all millin' all around
Mister Hudson
Mister Rockefeller
Mister Minuet
a friend of mine
the bankers
the gal I got
a different kinda man
a hero
Napoleon Bonee-parte
Big Joe Turner
Bertha Mason
George Lewis
the Englishman
the Italian
the Jew
Charles Darwin
the High Sheriff
The Cuckoo
Fat Nancy
a real blonde and a fake
a prisoner in a world of mystery
Neil Young
the Black Swan
Erica Jong
people in the park forgetting their troubles and woes
a mangy dog
the young men with their young women
a son
Georgia Sam
poor Howard
Mack the Finger
Louie the King
the fifth daughter
the first father
the second mother
the seventh son
the rovin' gambler
a promoter
these women that give me the creeps
The Siamese twins
my parents
a worried man
her babies three
a King's daughter
your daddy
the younger of the girls
a house carpenter
a fine young man
Patty Valentine
the bartender
another man named Bello
the cops
Rubin Carter and a couple of friends
a partner
Him and Arthur Dexter Bradley
two men runnin'
Gentleman Jim
drunkards from the slums
white folks
a revolutionary bum
black folks
a crazy nigger
the D.A.
the all-white jury
a lonesome hobo
Kind ladies and kind gentlemen
a strange woman
some righteous king who wrote psalms beside moonlit streams
justice's beautiful face
two men on a train platform
St. Augustine
gifted kings and queens
the poor immigrant
a duck
a skunk
my little lady
President Kennedy 
Brigitte Bardot
Anita Ekberg
Sophia Loren
Ernest Borgnine
Little Bo Peep
a grown-up man with a bottle of hair oil in his hand.
Mr. Football Man
Willy Mays
Yul Brynner
Charles de Gaulle
Robert Louis Stevenson
the funniest woman I ever seen
the great-granddaughter of Mr. Clean
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton
Cassius Clay
Barry Goldwater
my daughter
my monkey
the Dog
the Cat
the sorority sister
Dean of Women
a poet
ev'ry man who put me here
a man who swears he's not to blame
the rainman
the judge
the wolfman
the undertaker
the masked man
jumpin' Judy
The guilty undertaker
The lonesome organ grinder
The drunken politician
the saviors
all my fathers
all their daughters
the Queen of Spades
my chambermaid
your dancing child with his Chinese suit
Saint Peter
that mockingbird
The conductor
My dear sweet friend
a man named Gray and his wife
an idiot
the fortune-teller
a lone soldier
the lion in my cage
The priest
two mules
a woman living in L.A
a woman waiting for my pay
Private eye
a poor boy
a lot of people
my little Sadie
the sheriff from Thomasville
the Son of God
the blind and crippled
The multitude
the dead
my next of kin
my pony
A man in the corner
a body I'm tryin' to find
Someone who will die for you an' more
the brakeman
your orphan
the saints
Baby Blue
The empty-handed painter
All your seasick sailors
All your reindeer armies
The lover who just walked out your door
the dead you've left
The vagabond who's rapping at your door
One more person crying
the fool
he not busy being born
human gods
flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
the president of the United States
the masters
the wise men
the fools
them that must obey authority
one who sings with his tongue on fire
Old lady judges
people in pairs
them that defend what they cannot see
a killer
False gods
a wealthy merchant
a lovely daughter
sweethearts a-plenty
men of high degree
Jackie Frazier, her true love
Jack the sailor
the dead and dying
her physician
the bombardiers
all the downtown boys
Jim Jones
poor galley slaves
the bravest rankers there
Jack Donohue
those tyrants one and all
the flogger
"Kid Blast."
the mob
the men in blue
their rivals
five prisoners
Con Edison
those kind of men
Mr. Smith
Nietzsche and Wilhelm Reich
His closest friends
black men
Jimmy Cagney
the boss
too many children
his lifelong deadly foe
Sister Jacqueline
mother Mary
his best friend Frankie
the men that shot him down
John Brown
the captain
ev'ryone in the neighborhood
a soldier
her neighbors
John Wesley Harding
the poor
an honest man
Friend to the martyr
friend to the woman of shame
the rich man without any name
Leviticus and Deuteronomy
a small dog licking your face
the sick and the lame
False-hearted judges
the motherless children
a harlot
Queen Mary
some hungry women
Saint Annie
my best friend, my doctor
Sweet Melinda
The peasants
the goddess of gloom
the sergeant-at-arms
Angel who just arrived here from the coast
a poor girl
My mother
My sweetheart
a gambler
my baby sister
Good God Almighty
Woody Guthrie
These people so pretty in their ribbons and bows
an old maid
fifty-star generals
flipped-out phonies
Lenny Bruce
the wise men
the doctor
a new boyfriend
people that have to cause fear
Backseat drivers
These people meddlin' in our affairs
a woman on my block
an actor in a plot
the bums
Everybody that was hangin' out
a complete unknown
Miss Lonely
the mystery tramp
the jugglers
 the clowns
the chrome horse 
your diplomat
a Siamese cat
Princess on the steeple 
all the pretty people
Napoleon in rags
the boys
Anyone with any sense
the Jack of Hearts
a stranger
Big Jim
his bodyguards
a queen without a crown
The hangin' judge
The backstage manager
the leading actor
another man's darling
Little Maggie
my little Sadie
The coachman
Moby Dick
A herd of moose
the lone pilgrim
my companion
children most dear
my longtime darling
Samantha Brown
a coward
the crowd
Long-distance operator
a fair young maid
Some pretty little girl in Cornersville
Love Henry
a friend of a friend of mine
the father of your kid
lovers in the meadow
a tiger in a cage
Maggie's brother
Maggie's pa
Maggie's ma
all the servants
the man in the long black coat
the horsemen
the pawn
The country doctor
Bankers' nieces
some raven
The Fuhrer
The local priest
The Chief of Police
A man of peace
The person that you'd notice least
a great humanitarian; a great philanthropist
a howling wolf
a King snake
them three men from the East
an old man who never done wrong
you masters of war
my baby unborn and unnamed
Little rooster crowin'
that big dumb blonde
Turtle, that friend of theirs
my counselor
Silly Nelly
a janitor
that minstrel boy
all of them ladies
Mighty Mockingbird
the devil
A stranger
all those who've sailed with me
a woman whose head's mixed up like mine
Man came around askin' for the rent
the man came and took my Chevy back
Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief
a thief
The judge
Some other kinda lover
that travelin' salesman
a doctor
a clean-cut kid
his daughter whose name was Rita
Tony Perkins
Fidel Castro
the F.B.I.
pretty girls in Mozambique
Mr. Tambourine Man
a ragged clown
Girls' faces
corpse evangelists
A self-ordained professor
the mongrel dogs
my enemy
my guard
a woman
Somebody who just don't give a damn
My Queen
the neighborhood bully
His enemies
his family
his people
a lynch mob
Old women
a rooster
a rabbit
a ground hog
a pony
Miss X
another old man kissing some young girl
a soldier of mercy
the Empress
the country priestess
the Missing Link
China doll
some tyrant
the lion (who lies down with the lamb)
the traitor
the magician
Warlords of sorrow and queens of tomorrow
Babylon girl
old men on the benches
my own children
my mother
my brother
John Thomas, a miner
three babies
My friends
black dog barkin'
Fifteen jugglers
Five believers
Napoleon Bonaparte
your monkey
Santa Claus
The milkman
the mailman
the butler
an outlaw
a meadowlark
a weasel
the sweetest gone mama
an old hobo
an old horse that’s gone lame
Medgar Evers
a pawn in their game
A South politician
the poor white man
the blacks
the Negroes
The deputy sheriffs
the soldiers
the governors
the marshals and cops
a king
Robert Ford
Jesse James
a woman in Jackson
a brown-skin woman
Me and my gal, my gal's son
Peggy Day
My little lady
You red baiters and race haters
Ye playboys and playgirls
You fallout shelter sellers
Jim Crow
Missus Henry
the hobo
my baby
Poor boy
The devil
A wealthy farmer
A traveling salesman
Mister Bartender
Long-distance operator
Mister Judge and Jury
the one who tries to hide what he don't know to begin with
a master thief
Precious Angel
The enemy
My so-called friends
the Man who came and died a criminal's death.
our forefathers
the queen of my flesh
Precious father
loving mother
Pretty Peggy-O
A chump
A loser
the flower ladies
Queen Jane
the clowns
your advisers
the bandits
Ev'ry girl and boy
Quinn the Eskimo
The President
The Lord
my best friend
you rovin' gamblers
Will O’Conley
27 children
all his children, and all their mothers too
900 miners
the poor
the sick
rank strangers
ev'ry girl that ever I've touched
ev'ry girl that ever I've hurt
ev'ry foe that ever I faced
ye heathen
St. Peter
the sacred cow
Sweet Martha
the poor man's son
the shepherd
lost sheep
the blind and the deaf
all of us who are left
the chosen few
the child that cries
St. Catherine
Rita May
A good woman
the baker's son
the young torero
the Padre
Rube Remus
Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands
The Jack
The Ace
The kings of Tyrus
The sad-eyed prophet
the farmers and the businessmen
the dead angels
the child of a hoodlum
Your magazine-husband
Your thief
Sally Sue Brown
Sweet virgin angel
Snow White
mystical wife
Scorpio Sphinx in a calico dress
Glamorous nymph with an arrow and bow
Sarah Jane
Annie Oakley
Belle Starr
a marchin' band
a dragon
that trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field
A gypsy with a broken flag
Old Reilly
Old Reilly's daughter
A judge
A hound dog
one doctor
two healers
six diggers
My beautiful comrade from the north
an artist
nobody's child
The Law
a hypnotist collector
a walking antique
The pawnbroker
the landlord
your friend in the cowboy hat
Billy the Kid
A fish head
a creature void of form
men who are fighting to be warm
the deputy
the preacher
the one-eyed undertaker
newborn babies
a mournin' dove
old men with broken teeth
a white man
an Indian maiden
the men that followed Jesus
Link Wray
a bawlin' child
Brighton girls
some other guys
dead men
an old boll weevil
a blind man at the gate
a parrot that talks
the sailors
this Arabian doctor
Mister Clive
my companions
a woman down in Alabama
a backwoods girl
Sheiks walkin' around like kings
Jefferson turnin' over in his grave
Fools glorifying themselves
Big-time negotiators
false healers
woman haters
Masters of the bluff and masters of the proposition
men stealers
People starving and thirsting
some bad-talkin' boy she could destroy
A real suicide case
my loved ones turning into puppets
plenty of spies
Madame Butterfly
another man for hire
the hot-blooded singer on the bandstand
a guy who's wearing a flaming red wig
Danny Lopez
the bloodhounds of London
the shadow of a man
a man going 'round calling names
Woody Guthrie
Cisco an' Sonny an' Leadbelly too
Gypsy gal
Billy Lyons
John B. Stetson
a bad man
The High Police
my gay guitar
The ghost of our old love
a fool
a stranger
the ace of diamonds,
the ace of spades
my good gal
your prisoner
a little girl, her name is Ball
the Chief of Police
the ragman
the ladies
some French girl who says she knows me well
all the railroad men
The senator
the preacher
the rainman
my debutante
the neon madmen
JohnnyThe man in the trench coat
Goda new friend
The man in the coon-skin cap
the D. A.
those that carry around a fire hose
the plain clothes
a weather man
Six-time losers
a new fool
a bum
the vandals
Sugar Baby
these bootleggers
Aunt Sally
The ladies down in Darktown
hogs out lying in the mud
a long haired woman
the King
The girls
a worn out star
the boss
a sweetheart like you
a woman who looked like you
a whole man, not just a half
sweet daddy
a child
the queen
someone who loves you true
the most beautiful woman who ever crawled across cut glass to make a deal
an important person
your own harem
a scoundrel
a king
someone on a platform
the folks
the TV God
the crowd
The film crew
Them Communists
John Birch
them gol-darned Reds
Sherlock Holmes
ol' Betsy Ross
all the people that I knowed
a Russian spy
that Roosevelt guy
George Lincoln Rockwell
this boy
some little lover
a hungry man
a Communist
a girl
Adam and Eve
Rock-A-Day Johnny
the operator of time
the only person left after the war
Abraham Lincoln
the wife and kids
the whole family
Six thousand people tryin’ to kill each other
Dogs a-barkin'
cats a-meowin'
Women screamin'
babies cryin'
Cops a-comin'
me a-runnin'
a hillbilly
folk singers
a very great man
Her folks
A cook
The crowd
an Italian poet from the thirteenth century
All the people we used to know
carpenter's wives
dear daughter
the thief
somebody else
the elders of Zion
a lapdog
a dead lion
0l' black Bascom
Cold black water dog
The editor
some other man
a rich man's child
a poor fool in his prime
a man in drag
your guard
Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
a passing stranger
the little neighbor boy
your neighbor carryin' somethin'
a young boy from Chicago town
Emmett Till
Two brothers
the jury
Jim Crow
that ghost-robed Ku Klux Klan
all of us folks that thinks alike
a boxer
the innocent
the groom
them who are slandered and humiliated
people who are supposed to know better
William Zanzinger
Hattie Carroll
Wealthy parents
high office relations in the politics of Maryland
the people at the table
ten children
the person who killed for no reason
the judge
the nobles
the cops
the loser
he that gets hurt
he who has stalled
Your sons and your daughters
The slow one
the first one
Some big shot
A strange bedfellow
Crazy Chester
Jack, my dog
A wicked messenger
the people that confronted him
A worried man with a worried mind
a woman on my lap
the first woman I meet
a woman who don't even appeal to me
Mr. Jinx and Miss Lucy
No man alive
my next of kin
Three angels up above the street
the wildest cat from Montana
a lady in a bright orange dress
A man with a badge skips by
Three fellas crawlin' on their way back to work
The driver
a guy who's wearing a powder-blue wig
Boys in the street beginning to play
Girls like birds flying away
that girl who won't be back no more
Tiny Montgomery
Skinny Moo and Half-track Frank
king of the drunks
the monks
The C.I.O.
Three-legged man
a hot-lipped ho
ev'rybody down in ol' Frisco
The sweet pretty things
The city fathers
The reincarnation of Paul Revere's horse
The ghost of Belle Starr
Jezebel the nun
Jack the Ripper
the chamber of commerce
The hysterical bride in the penny arcade
the doctor
the boys
the medicine man
John the Baptist
a thief
the Commander-in-Chief
all those who would whimper and cry
The king of the Philistines
his soldiers
the pied pipers
the slaves
Gypsy Davey
his faithful slave Pedro
his uncle
Brother Bill
Cecil B. DeMille
Ma Raney 
Tuba players
the old folks
that stationmaster
a poor boy
Tough Mama
that steel-drivin' crew
Sweet Goddess
Jack the Cowboy
The Lone Ranger
Your perfect stranger
Silver Angel
Dark Beauty
crazy mixed-up souls
the leaders of the nations
the person standin' next to you
the maniacs
the kill-crazy bandits
the haters
governments out of control
Nightclubs of the broken-hearted
stadiums of the damned
Miss So-and-so
any war hero
Lot and his wife
prince of the power of the air
an ungodly man
vain people
People on the platforms
Miss Mary-Jane
Midnight ramblers
Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee
babies sittin' on a woman's knee
a police escort
a lowdown, sorry old man
a blue-eyed Boston boy
comrade mine
a patient saint
That brave and devoted band
those whom doom and death had spared
the boy with the curly hair
The tall dark man who rode by his side
the blue-eyed girl
the Ugliest Girl in the World
all the sweethearts you can hold
a man who had no eyes
Every lady in the land
someone who understands
The man in the moon
A little boy
A little girl
An old man
a guy makin' thirty cents a day
a woman, she slaved for thirty cents a day
a family of twelve
lots of people complainin'
somebody down in El Salvador
The old Rounder in the iron mask
a postal clerk
the one you been wond'rin' about
The ringleaders from the county seat
the girl with me behind the shades
One of us
the all-night girls
the night watchman
little boy lost
Mona Lisa
the jelly-faced women
the one with the mustache
the peddler
the countess
someone that's not a parasite
The fiddler
An early riser
That beast
the inmates
a heavy-headed gal
a guard that stands around smilin'
lawyers and things
this wanted man
Lucy Watson
Jeannie Brown,
Nellie Johnson
People disagreeing on all just about everything
somebody on the street who just couldn't help but cry
somebody on the street that was really shook
a magician
faces in the street
the jester
babies one, two, three
A pretty dancing girl
the gypsy
somebody waitin'
a mighty God
a thief in the night
Botticelli's niece
A pack of wild geese
Lions, those mighty kings of the jungle
Clergymen in uniform
young girls pullin' muscles
Newspapermen eating candy
big police
thousands who could have overcome the darkness
Every face on the deck
the ship's wise men
Pharaoh's tribe
Karl Marx
Henry Kissinger
innocent men in jail
unrighteous doctors
men who can't hold their peace
women who can't control their tongues
The rich seducing the poor and the old seducing the young
Adulterers in churches
gangsters in power
lawbreakers making rules
Spiritual advisors and gurus
an errand boy
a Man up on a cross
a woman I long to touch
A full-blooded Cherokee
a babe in the arms of a woman in a rage
a longtime golden-haired stripper onstage
St. John
strong men belittled by doubt
a lion in the road
a demon escaped
my twin, that enemy within
the law
the guy you were lovin'
your boss
Davey Moore
The referee
the angry crowd
his manager
the gambling man,
the boxing writer,
the man whose fists laid him low
a gypsy queen,
a swarm of bees
a big fat snake
the angel beside me
this dude
The cavalries
The Indians
the heroes with guns in their hands
the dead
The Germans
Jesus Christ
Judas Iscariot
All your loved ones
The poor little chauffeur
that drummer
Genghis Khan
Truce makers and partakers of every selfish whim
A big girl
Queen Anne
those crickets
Your partner in crime

All the characters mentioned

Alicia Keys
a guide
some real good woman
my king
an army
some tough sons of bitches
a thousand cows
all the ladies in Washington
You, baby
you, gal
a fool
the powers above
your sugar
a ghost
a man back there
nobody's house boy
this woman of mine
long dead souls
the proletariat
you, yourself
their enemies
countless foes
a lover
my horse
my friend
a brand new wife
Some people
someone (prayed for your soul)
an angel
St. Mary
Somebody there
Lost John
the oldest son of a crazy man
a cowboy band
Nettie Moore
The Yellow Dog
all these demagogues
these bad luck women
my baby
The judge
The woman I'm loving
the Lord
these people
nobody other than me
some people on the road carryin' everything that they own
a stranger with no brain or heart
some people still sleepin'
some people wide awake
someone (hit me from behind)
no one on earth
an evil spirit
my neighbor
my opponents
my father
all my loyal and my much-loved companions
my mule
my horse
that girl I left behind
the gardener

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