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Time will pass faster than you realize.
One day, to your shock, you'll discover you're
not counting the hours, days-- or even months-- any more!

More Meter Choices To Explore Here:

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Quit Time


Smoking Cost Calculator

 Tons of other resources for you!
This compilation courtesy of the hard work of various members of USENET's; we gratefully acknowledge their collective efforts.

Quitting support and info: personal quitter's pages:
Cognitive Quitting:
AS3 Alum ddSteve has developed his own method of quitting
based on the principles of cognitive behavior modification.

Quitting support and info: organizational, directories, etc.:

Nicotine addiction, health effects:

Scare tactics& health effects:

I don't know whether these are a smoker's lungs, but they show lungs
affected by centrilobular emphysema, the most common form of emphysema
among smokers:

A nonsmoker's lungs, for comparison:

Tobacco industry, public health policy:

Smoking From All Sides:

NO SMOKE Software:

Welcome to!:

Committed Quitters:

The Habitrol® Road to Success is a free behavioral modification program
designed to assist you in your journey to a smoke-free lifestyle:

Smoke stoppers:


Don't Give Up Giving Up (UK Site):

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Visit our friend steveb to see a fine video he's put together on the subject of smoking and quitting-- and have a look at the rest of his site while you're there!

we'd like to win

 What Happens After You Quit Smoking:

Within 20 minutes: Blood pressure drops and pulse drops to normal. Body temperature of hands and feet increase to normal.

Within 8 hours: Oxygen level in the blood increases to normal.
Carbon monoxide level in the blood decreases to normal.

Within 24 hours: Chance of a heart attack decreases

Within 48 hours: Nerve endings start regrowing. Ability to taste/smell improves.

Within 3 months: Lung capacity increases.

Within 9 months: Cough, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decrease. Lungs become cleaner and stronger and are better able to resist infection.

Within 5 years: Lung cancer death rate for average former smoker (one pack a day) decreases by almost half.

Within 10 years: Lung cancer death rate similar to that of nonsmokers.

The Stages of Quitting

Stage 1: Agitation
Anxiety, muscular tension, irritability,difficulty sleeping, high
craving. You've probably already experienced this innumerable times
during your smoking career (this is when you root through the ashtrays
looking for butts). It generally begins a few hours after your last
cigarette and lasts for a day or two.

Stage 2: Slump
You feel depressed, fatigued, jittery, are forgetful, short-tempered,
and emotionally volatile. You may also have trouble sleeping. You
continually crave a cigarette. This may last for several days

Stage 3: Honeymoon
Somewhere in the first 10 days after your last cigarette, you start
feeling better. A lot better. Your mood improves and your energy
returns. Craving is still present but manageable. The danger is you'll
become overconfident.

Stage 4: Second Slump
It's hard to pin down, but for most of our patients,this second slump
begins two to six weeks after the last cigarette. Craving may return
along with episodes of nervousness, irritability, sleep disruption,
flu-like symptoms, and fatigue.

Stage 5: Second Honeymoon
Begins four to six weeks after the last dose. Improvement in the above
symptoms leads to the conclusion that danger of relapse has past and
withdrawal is over.

Stage 6: Relapse Phase
Most ex-smokers experience at least one more noticeable "slump" during
the first four months of abstinence. Craving returns, and with it, the
risk of relapse. To get through it, you have to avoid exposing
yourself to risky situations.

Stage 7: Stabilization
Once the last of the initial slumps has ended, things stabilize. Craving is
largely the result of conditioned responses (e.g., to
smells, activities) which can be avoided. Abstinence is fairly
comfortable with the exception of periods of unusual stress, recurrent
craving, and occasional strong memories of pleasures associated with

Patience is the key here......keep going in your quit, and all these
stages will soon become history....

 Acronyms: Courtesy of Miss Maggie

You'll see these letters in many people's messages or appended to their
sigs. To the uninitiated they may be confusing. Here's what they mean--

W - when you have done a week
M - when you have done a month
FWD - when you have done your first week
FMD - when you have done your first month.
QOF - smoke free for 3 Months (Quarter OF )
HOF - smoke free for 6 months (half OF)
OF - smoke free for a year (Old fogey)
DOF - smoke free for 2 years (Double OF)
VOF - smoke free 3 years and over (Very OF)
OOF - Olympian Old Fogey (Quit 5 years)
TOF - Titanic Old Fogey (Quit 10 years)
SOF - Silver Old Fogey (Quit 25 years)

Read this when your resolve starts to waver...

 "He Wanted You To Know"
(A heartbreaker; brace yourself...)

Links to a bunch of cool sites our members recommend!
Jokes, games, puzzles, cartoons, etc... Ways to
kill a little time and wait out a craving.
















We're not buying cigarettes any more, so
what did we do with all that smoke-free cash?

The AS3 Cookbook:
Recipes from your pals!

The Daily AS3 Online Trivia Game
hosted by our pal, Anne D.

Bad Brands:
Do not smoke these.

"I Remember"
A reminiscence, history and warning from the late
Ms. Dawn Bryden, Den Mother to "The Rockers",
and my first Quit Buddy, to whom this website is
dedicated in perpetuity. I miss you, my dear.

All About Trolls (the Usenet/Online variety; not this cutesy kind...)

SPAM: Not the weird pink meat but the unwanted
online newsgroup solicitation-- even more tasteless

Celebrity Smoking-Related Deaths; Some Sobering Casualties


 You can do it. Keep listening to the voice that says
"I choose health and life and fresh air!" Ignore the one that says
"I prefer to cough, stink, waste my money, lie to myself and die."
*(Thank you, Edna Pearl)

Finally: If, after all your best efforts and all our help fail you, and you feel you just have to smoke, simply click above to access an Official AS3 Smoking Permission Slip. Download and print it, and then complete it as directed. Best of luck to you.

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