Providing online distraction and information for jittery ex-smokers since June, 2000. It's the least we could do-- a quantity we specialize in!

Welcome to the "unofficial, official website" of the USENET newsgroup "" -- or AS3 for short!

was created in the mid 90's to provide assistance to people quitting smoking. Quit Buddies began as an adjunct site for the newsgroup. It began as an online photo album-- a way to pair faces with names we'd come to know from AS3 members' USENET postings.

Most Internet Service Providers dropped newsgroup access. The original newsgroup is still running, though USENET has largely fallen out of favor and the old AS3 hangout is kind of a ghost town. Several long time members developed an AS3 legacy website, whose core was a public discussion forum. It carried on our long tradition of online support, but folded in Summer 2015. There is currently a Facebook presence for AS3.

Quit Buddies has endured in one form or another, at one location or another, since June of 2000, providing information and amusement for quitters. Our goal is to distract and divert you, to help you fill your jittery, anxious time with learning and laughing-- instead of agonizing over not smoking. We hope you'll find something of value in our pages.

Comments always welcome!

This website is dedicated in perpetuity to the memory of
my first Quit Buddy, Dawn Bryden (aka Black Sheep)..
Read her essay and learn a little more about her


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