Hello Friends!  Welcome to Wienerdoggod.com where all things Wienerdog will be toyed with, torn apart, tested and rated by our own Wienerdog experts Butterbean, Lucy and Chickenhead.

We’re hoping that this space will grow to include tons more pictures, links to other sites and your own whimsical entries as well.  As those of us in the know are keenly aware, there’s not a better breed out there for good fun, silly consequences, comical situations, loving devotion, and overall, total


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Submitted for your consideration: Los Perros Diablos,
my favorite group of Wienerdogs. Get to know Lucy,
the steadfast founder & foundation of the Tubular Trio,
, the happy, scrappy (not so nappy) noodle
poodle and Chickenhead, the loveable chunky lunk who
can lick his way into any bed or bunk. Their bios will be
coming out shortly. It shouldn’t be long before you can
click to the left for individual stats and favorite links,
preferably sausage.